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On February 10, 2008 Evening About 20:50 , The South Korean 1# National Treasure ChongliGate ( Sungnyemun ) Has The Fire .

The ChongliGate ( Sungnyemun ) Built In 1398 , Located At South Korea Capital Seoul Central Area Southern University Method 4 Street 9, It Is The South Korean 1st National Treasure, Generally Is Called The South Gate. The South Gate The Scale Is Biggest In Many City Gates, Builds The Stone Steps Which By The Smooth Megalith Becomes Central To Have An Arch Entrance, In The Stone Steps Has The Pillar And The Roof, Divides High And Low Two. The Thing Nearby Two Also Has The Gate Which May Exchange. On The Stage Nearby Two Has The Green Lawn, Symbolizes Already Does Not Exist City Wall Trace. Simultaneously It Is Close To Common People's South Gate Market, Down To For Seoul A South Korea's Main Terrestrial Reference. The ChongliGate ( Sungnyemun ) Was Long Ago In The Seoul 4 Degrees City Gates The Scale Biggest City Gate, Was Also The Present Seoul Preserves The Historical Most Glorious Wood To Make The Building.

Located At The ChongliGate ( Sungnyemun ) Nearby South Gate Market Is One Of South Korean Most Famous Tradition Markets, Not Only May Purchase The Inexpensive Goods In Here, But May Also Experience The South Korean Inherent Shopping Culture Fully.

Latitude And Longitude: 37 Degree 33 Minute 38.26 Second N 126 Degree 58 Minute 34.57 Second E

The ChongliGate ( Sungnyemun ) Lignin Construction Structure Is Burnt Down Completely .

Now Has A Look At China's Famous Pavilion While Convenient .

The JiaXiu Building Built In 1598 , Is Three Three Eave Four Triangle Accumulates The Apex Garret, This Structure In The Chinese Historic Building History Is Unique.And Has First Under Heaven Antithetical Couplet JiaXiuLou Long Antithetical Couplet In China .

ShanDong ProvinceLiaochengGuangYueLou

The GuangYueLou Built In 1374 , This Building Is One Representative Who Transits To The Ming And Qing Dynasties Constructs By Song And Yuan Dynasties , Is In Our Country Extant Ming Dynasty Pavilion Biggest One. Carried On Song, A Yuan Pavilion In Formally It To Lose The System, In The Structure Has Inherited Tang, The Song Time Traditional Style, Simultaneously Also Had Certain Similarities With Beginning Of Ming Dynasty Other Constructions, Opened “The Official Type” The Construction Beginning .

ShanXi Province , Yongji , GuanQueLou

The GuanQueLou Built In 557-581 , Because The Building Body Is Magnificent, The Structure Is Unusual, The Position Is In Addition Superior, In The Perspective The Strip, Looks Down The River, Imposing, Scenery Beauty, When Tang Song Is The East Of The River Beautiful Scenery, The Tang Dynasty Writer Elegant Gentleman Keeps The Poem Very Many .

Mountains Cover The White Sun,And Oceans Drain The Golden River. But You Widen Your View Three Hundred Miles,By Going Up One Flight Of Stairs. Is Tang Dynasty Renowned Poet Wang ZhiHuan Ascends The Building Appreciation Beautiful Scene, Sings In A Loud Voice Expresses Feelings, The Eternity Pinnacle Of Poetic Creation Which Stays Behind.

HuNan Province , YueYang , YueYangLou

The YueYangLou Built In 220 , Was Had More Than 1700 Years History, Its Predecessor Hands Down Is The Three Kingdom Era Dongwu Senior General LuShu “Inspection Army Building”,In The History The Renowned Poets Came To Ascend A Height To Get A Broad View Visit Scenic Sites, Have Left Behind Many Masterpiece Excellent Works .For Instance , "Worry Before Others And Enjoy After Them" For Fan ZhongYan .

HuBei Province , WuChang , HuangHeLou

The HuangHeLou Built In 223,The Fable Has The Deity To Ride The Yellow Crane To Pass Through This Place,Therefore Names As The HuangHeLou ( YellowCraneTower ) .

CuiHao Enjoys Great Popularity White And Shiny The Poem Has Become The Eternity Pinnacle Of Poetic Creation, Causes The HuangHeLou . Reputation Greatly Chirp. "The Past Person Has Gone While The Yellow Crane, This Idle Huanghe Bldg. The Yellow Crane Never To Returns, White Clouds Great Distance Spatial Long. Clear Sichuan Distinctly Chinese Intolerant Tree, Luxuriant Grass Parrot Continent. Sun Set Native Place Where Is? In The Smoke Wave River Causes The Human To Worry" .

JiangXi Province , NanChang , TengWangGe

The TengWangGe Built In 653 ,Is One Of Three Given Name Buildings For South Of Yangzi River In China .A Tang Dynasty Poet WangBo Famous Verse Is Unable To Describe In English .

JiangSu Province , NanJing , YueJiangLou

In 1374 Ming Dynasty Founding Country Emperor Zhu YuanZhang Issued An Imperial Order The Construction,Because He Defeated The Match 400 Thousand Troops' Strong Trends In Here To Attack And To Gain The Final Victory .But Has Not Completed Because Of All Sorts Of Reasons. Until 2001, YueJiangLou To Complete And The Opening To The Outside World Finally .

JiangXi Province ,JiuJiang ,XunYangLou

The XunyangLou Has 1200 History Until Now. Because Shui Hu Zhuan Once Occurred In Here - SongJiang Alcoholic Intoxication Inscribes A Poem . Becomes Famous Everywhere.

Xi'An , GuLou (DrumTower)

The GuLou Built In 1380 , Is Present Has The National Biggest DrumTower. Its Architectural Style Is Rests The Mountain Type Double-Eaved Roof Three Water Drops. The Catwalk Brick Base Thing Length 52.6 Meters, The North And South Width 38 Meters, The Height 7.7 Meters, Center The North And South Ward Off Have High And Wide Are 6 Meter Ticket Portals.

JiangSu Province ,Naking , GuLou (DrumTower)

The GuLou Built In 1382 , Big Its Construction Scale Domestic Rare, Divides High And Low Two, The Lower Level For The Arch Non-Beam Watchtower Shape, The Upper Formation For The Double-Eaved Roof Four Tops Of Slope, Flying Of Dragons And Dancing Of Phoenixes, The Magnificently Decorated Building, Is Very Magnificent.

HeHe ... If Can Visit On The Spot, The Entire China Might Go All Over.

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