The Tibetan Stirring Up Troubles

Recently The Tibet Lhasa's Clergy Illegal Accumulation Caused Trouble, Promotes As The Large-Scale Tibetan Disturbance.
It Is That The Matter Is Because The
SiChuan Western Area And Lhasa Has Some Unlawful Element Illegal Accumulation On March 1 To March 10 To Cause Troubles. These Unlawful Elements Do Not Listen To The Public Security Police To Advise Against, The Initiation Conflict, They Shout The “The Tibetan Independence” Slogan Wanted Divided The Country, Dashes, Rails And With The Club, The Stone, The Dagger Physical Attack Performing Duties Police.
This Afternoon About 12:00 Also Had The Individual Tibetan To Incite Annoys Causes Trouble Nearby
DianXin Road Of ChengDu City.
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According To Eyewitness Said That Saw Is A Tibetan Taking A Rimmer Knife, Pursues Chops A Policeman, Following Police In Pursue Him, The Tibetan On The One Hand Runs And On The Other Hand The Autonomy, And Then Runs Up To Side Of A Unit Gate Nearby The South
DianXin Road, Also Has Cut And Injured 2 Passers-By, And Chopped Has Gone Bad 2 Cars, Finally The Wounded Fed In The HuaXi Hospital. ( A Person Already Died,Whom Was Waiting For Taxis At That Time. Willing God Bless The Innocent People , And Punishes Evilly. )
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Didn't Know Really The DaLaiLaMa Group And Some So-Called Western Democratic Country Would Make Some “The Good Things” ? --- Resists BeiJing Olympic Games, Or Destruction The Other Country's Stable? The World Also Not Enough Chaotic?
Naive & Shameless .

Hoped That The World Is Peace , Evilly Earlier Departs ...

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